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At Cometa Playschool, our innovative curriculum encompasses early learning and second language acquisition in a fun and stimulating environment.

It is our goal to support/foster children’s natural curiosity and imagination while providing them with the opportunity to learn a second language in the process, with an intentional emphasis in their social emotional development and growth.

Why Cometa Playschool?

Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are native Spanish speakers trained in early childhood education and positive discipline.

innovative Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s knowledge and necessary skills in all developmental areas and establish a foundation for lifelong learning.

Learning environment

We have created a beautiful space for children to learn about themselves, their community and the world we live in.

How We Approach Eduation

Our philosophy is based on the deep understanding that children are competent human beings on a journey to discover themselves and the world. Our classroom is a beautiful space that reflects our respect for children and sets a wonderful atmosphere for them to construct their own knowledge.

Developmentally appropriate activities focus on the following skills:

  • Language: Pre-reading, pre-writing, narrative skills
  • Arts: Experimentation with different materials: paint, wood, clay, use of recycled materials.
  • Mathematics: Sorting, grouping, counting and measuring.
  • Science: Experimenting and observing, investigating, gardening, cooking.
  • Music & Dance: Creative movement, singing and instrument playing.
  • Physical Activity: Yoga, outdoor play, going for walks, etc.
  • Dramatic Play: Role playing, dress-up, pretend kitchen.
  • Self Help: Hand washing, toileting skills, dressing self, safety procedures, healthy eating, good manners.
  • Sensorial Play: Playing with playdough, clay, foam, water, rice, sand and other materials.
  • Social Skills: Recognizing and verbalizing feelings, conflict resolution skills, problem solving, empathy, caring for others.

Music literacy

Music is a key element in our holistic approach to learning. Music and movement are a natural part of life, especially for children.

Cometa Playschool is a licensed MUSIKGARTEN facility and as such we are committed to enhancing children’s early learning with the MUSIKGARTEN curriculum The Cycle of Seasons.

For more information on MUSIKGARTEN available programs please visit

Second Language Acquisition

Children learn a second language the same way they learn their native language, by listening and imitating. At Cometa children are inspired to learn Spanish through play, songs, artistic expression and practical life activities.

Researches agree on the benefits of second language acquisition:

  • The period of early childhood is considered an optimal time to begin learning a second language.
  • Children in effective early second language programs show overall gains on standardized tests of basic skills, and derive additional cognitive, social, and affective benefits.
  • The development of positive attitudes towards people who speak other languages and represent other cultures occurs more easily when long, articulated sequences of second language instruction begin in early childhood and become an integral part of school learning.
  • Early second language learning may result in improved native literacy skill development. Although there are differences in reading and writing skill development between first and second languages many skills and strategies are transferable from first to second language and vice-versa.

What Parents Say About Us

My 2.5 year old daughter has been attending Cometa Playschool at the Wallingford location on Stone Way for the past 6 months. She absolutely loves her school and her teachers, Maestra Manuela and Maestra Nicolet. She attends M-Th and always asks Friday through Sunday when it will be school time again. We love the small class size and individual attention each child receives. My husband is bilingual (English and Spanish) so we are particularly interested in our daughter becoming exposed to and ultimately proficient in the Spanish language. I feel this is a first rate program and we have been very pleased so far with our experience at Cometa.

Sara A.

My family has had the pleasure of being in involved with Cometa for the past 4 years.  My daughter attended 3 years and my son currently is a student there. Manuela, who is the owner, takes such pride and responsibility in what she does.  This is obvious by the conferences she attends and the resources she utilizes and integrates into the classroom.  In addition to this, she has a strong presence daily by teaching, singing/playing guitar, being interactive with the kids and aware of their individual needs.  I see her as an inspiring leader and I'm thrilled my kids have been exposed to her character. The teachers she hires also reflect these qualities and have been outstanding.

Michelle B.

We love this school (my daughter attends the location in Wallingford/Fremont neighborhood). Manuela runs a great program - she is very responsive and take a balanced approach to what kids need in regards to learning while also focusing on their social and emotional development. The teachers are amazing and kind. I wish we would have found this school sooner but I know my daughter will have fond memories of her year there.

Sarah P.

Our son has been attending at the Wallingford location for over a year, and Cometa is truly everything we were looking for in a preschool. It is a Spanish immersion preschool taught by native speakers, and we can see that our son has been absorbing Spanish even with only attending two mornings a week. The director, Manuela, and teachers, Nicolet and Paula, are absolutely wonderful - they are warm, attentive, competent, and have taken the time and care to individually help our son work through a couple different issues that have come up.

Adrienne B.

Our Language Programs

Children meet at Cometa to play, discover and learn Spanish together. Our daily activities include free play, circle time, arts and crafts and outdoor play; such activities rotate according to the children's needs and interests. Health and safety is of utmost importance and we follow the most updated Covid-19 protocols set by King County Public Health.

Preschool Classes starting at 2.5 years old
Please email to schedule a tour.

Monday through Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm
2 days per week: $690/month
3 days per week: $970/month
4 days per week: $1250/month
5 days per week: $1525/month

Annual Enrollment Fee: $200
Monday through Friday, until 5:30PM
1 day/week: $260/month
2 day/week: $490/month
3 day/week: $680/month
4 day/week: $890/month
5 day/week: $1050/month

For early release Wednesdays, add  $60/month   

Enrollment fee: $100

Summer Camps

Our summer program is designed for children ages 2.5 to 10 years old to learn and explore while learning Spanish! Classes are Monday through Friday 9AM to 3PM. We focus on weekly themes as follows:

Week 1: July 8th through July 12th
Vamos a la playa!
/ Let's go to the beach!

Week 2: July 15th through July 19th
Explosion de Arte / Art Explosion!

Week 3: July 22nd through July 26th
Viajamos por el mundo / We travel the world!

Week 4: July 29th through August 2nd
Vamos al circo! / Let's go to the circus!

Week 5: August 5th through August 9th
La galaxia / The galaxy!

Week 6: August 12th through August 16th
Las Olimpiadas! / The Olympic Games!

Tuition/days of attendance: It's the summer! We are flexible an work with families to design their ideal calendar. Depending on number of days attending, classes range from $75 to $95 per class. Please email our office at with your dates so we can calculate your fee.

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